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Something This Good Needs the Internet


…and they went on further to speak of Hillary Clinton as cannibal, feeding on the flesh of men in this country — that she murdered many members of their Somali family including their father (by electrocution).

Their overwhelming fear of women conductors on trains struck me as highly original. I had never thought of that before — of course women are more likely to flee in a dangerous situation. I would much prefer my trains piloted by army men with guns and enormous chips on their shoulders…

What struck me most was how well these priestesses were ignored by virtually everyone on the train. I, myself, was transfixed. For all the craziness of their words, there were vast levels of poetry contained therein (albeit, crazy poetry). Neither one looked up during the entire thirty minute diatribe.

I know it’s exploitative. But IMHO, you don’t get on the pulpit unless you want an audience. And what bigger audience than the internet?