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To Do

Robby’s List of Unfinished Projects

  • regrout child’s tub
  • be the first person to accept a privatized flight to Mars and then immediately regret the decision, plead insanity, and hide underground
  • organize pile of bills and tax documents and wills and such
  • frame purchased works of art at risk of becoming cat vomited
  • write a book
  • STFU for five minutes about that thing
  • design a website in only 16 colors
  • finish my second album
  • digitize cd collection
  • get on the yoga
  • backup photo archive
  • make kids photo album
  • apologize for everything
  • write children’s book
  • fix rickety rocking chair in baby’s room
  • learn linux
  • master php and javascript (and no, “mastering” does not mean “searching the web for cribbed code”)
  • complete and sell a game
  • write a list of unfinished projects
  • clean out my fucking iiiiiiiiiiiiinbox!
  • fix leaky faucet
  • either destroy or find something useful to do with doomsdaylaser.com
  • write a chiptune record
  • actually complete ONE short story which means it has to have words and be done
  • digitize old four track tapes from Rapture of Noon altprogmetal outfit
  • design a roleplaying game set in the future
  • design a roleplaying game set in the past
  • finally close all twitter accounts (and stop re-opening once a year, thinking anyone will follow you and actually read your tweets) Ok, so maybe I am back on twitter  now… @parti5t.
  • actually read the Electric Aggregation Program FAQ and hope to Jebus that I am not getting screwed