Because You Know You Want More

Recently, I pressed “GO” on a new project in which to poke and prod myself into submission. Beginning yesterday, I will be creating a new album in 366 days (now 365).

I have created a tumblr account, called One Year, One Album, and with any luck, I will not make a liar out of myself by changing the title and URL mid-year to Two Years, An EP…

It will require of me at the very least, five minutes a day, in which to write a journal entry like, “Nothing today” or “I changed the battery on the smoke detector this morning, hooray.” I may even post some song samples, for that is the main idea of the thing.

During this time, I will continue to update this blog as well, which will likely become its own procrastination from working on the project itself. In this way, I can bury myself in a multitude of blogs and social media projects so that I never know which one needs to be a priority, and can thus brood endlessly over not having enough time to tackle any one of them.

For those of you that may read this, I appreciate your readership, and I hope that you might follow me at this new location as well. If you thought you only needed ONE self-deprecating blog to fill your day, you are simply wrong, and I hope to prove it to you.

More soon…


2 thoughts on “Because You Know You Want More

  1. Thank you kindly! I am hoping this will be the case. I love your blog, btw — I didn't you you had one! p.s. it took me several minutes of browsing on your blog to realize it was you. hahaha. Good to see you on the blogosphere, Helen 🙂

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